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Invest more than 700 billion VND to develop power grid for Tra Vinh

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According to the Department of Industry and Trade of Tra Vinh, Southern Electricity Corporation is implementing plans to build and renovate many grid works for production and living in the province in the period 2016 - 2020, with total capital Invested more than 700 billion.
According to the plan from 2016 to 2018, Southern Electricity Corporation will build 6 key projects.
Of these, five will be completed by 2017: Tra Cu 110 kV (40 MVA) and 110 kV Cau Ke - Tra Cu - Duyen Hai 110 km with a capital of 248 billions dong; The 110 kV (40MVA) Cau Ngang substation and the 1 km long transmission line have an investment capital of VND 43 billion; Renovation of Tra Vinh 110 kV transformer station with investment capital of VND 12 billion; Division of 110 kV transmission line 171 Tra Vinh 2 to 176, 177 Vinh Long 2 63 km long, investment capital 119 billion; The 110 kV transmission line of the 220 kV Tra Vinh 220kV station is connected to the Vung Liem - Long Duc line with the investment capital of VND 34 billion. Particularly, the 110 kV transmission line from 172 Tra Vinh 2 to 171 - 7 will be 34 km long with the investment capital of 54 billion VND, which will be power by 2018.
In addition, the Southern Electricity Corporation has invested in a rural electricity supply project from the national grid of Tra Vinh province in the 2016-2020 period with a total investment capital of 307 billion dong, including 190 projects. Km of medium-voltage lines, 511 km of low-voltage lines and 13.31 MVA of distribution substation capacity supply power to over 12,260 households.
Tran Quoc Tuan, director of the provincial Department of Industry and Trade said that Tra Vinh now has more than 261,000 households using electricity, accounting for 98%. However, in the province there are still 20,130 households in rural areas (about 10% of rural households) using electricity by unsecured extension method; Of which 7,800 poor and near poor households.
After completion of the construction works of grid system invested by the Southern Electricity Corporation, Tra Vinh will basically no shortage of electricity for daily life and production.


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